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Currents of translucent hues, snaking metallic swirls, and foamy sprays of color shape the landscape of these free-flowing textures. The marbling techniques at play leave room for beautiful imperfections amidst the chaos.

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Tie Dye

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The DIY breakout hit of at-home fashion is now claiming new territory in digital design. Tie dye patterns are an instant pick-me-up of '70s nostalgia with a distinctive flair. With hundreds of dyeing techniques available, this trend is the perfect foundation for your unique point of view.

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Once seen as an emblem of camp culture, tie dye is making its way toward the mainstream as a staple of creative campaigns.

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Identity Unfiltered

There are over 7.5 billion people on Earth, and authentic portraiture is helping us see the wide gamut of beauty across our world.

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Non-conformist, vulnerable, and intimately courageous.

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Inner Life

We're rife with information overload, and it's compelled many of us to shift towards more tangible things—like ourselves. This makes for a new breed of lifestyle photography capturing the moments we spend on hobbies, play, and self-care.

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Visual storytelling that examines a wide spectrum of the human experience.

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Eccentric Animation

As the software behind VFX and animation gets more advanced, artists are developing unique approaches, giving content creators new ways to express their ideas. We've seen a rise in searches for playful animation styles and motion graphics in a time when new live action footage is harder to come by.

Toy around

Animation lands on a light note, as new tech allows for some seriously fun design breakthroughs.

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The Sublime

We see an increase in searches for intense and intimidating scenes in nature. Waves crashing on cliffs, dunes bathed in sunlight, mountains shrouded in fog—these clips jolt viewers awake with the capacity to transport them elsewhere.

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A sweeping strings section can make a song float on air. With tracks that feature string instruments seeing an uptick, there's a clear trend towards music that moves people. Both classic and modern, these tracks elevate and lift our spirits.

Get swept away
  • Shelter From the Rain

    Elliot Middleton
  • Mosaic

    Kevin Maison
  • Sentimental Moment

  • Beyond the Star

    LATG Music
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Uplifting & Playful

The "confident" genre wins another year, but we are seeing some interesting changes this time around. We’re moving full speed ahead to the sounds of brisk BPM, plucky instruments, and sweeping crescendos. It’s playful, it’s uplifting, and it’s here to inspire all the feels.

Hear happiness
  • All Summer Long

    Black Rhomb
  • Swing Me the Groove

    Pavlo Butorin
  • Zoom Out

    Pavlo Butorin
  • Happy Colors

    Ricky Bombino
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The Unexplored

When the answer to your every question is at your fingertips, what's left to discover? A lot, it turns out. Creatives are on the hunt for something new, from wonders in the natural world to the uncharted phenomena of our mind-body connection.

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Just when we think we have our world figured out, nature finds a way to surprise us. And while concerns about our climate and the ongoing impact of humanity on our ecosystem continue, there’s still a lot of wonder to be found in the interconnectedness of our ecosphere.

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We've gone digital, and with news and messaging being 24/7, we've hit our max capacity for processing. Are we alone in feeling this way? How can we cope better?

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We're starting to realize that the relationship between our mental and physical health is much closer than we’d originally thought. This year, we're turning to tech for techniques that promote balance.

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We've been staring at the night sky and dreamimg since time immemorial. Suddenly, the notion of exploring beyond our horizons seems less science fiction, and more a fact of life. Whether we're alone or not out there is still anyone's guess, but in times of isolation, it's comforting to imagine.

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