Localized reports

Strap in,it’s that timeof year again.

Time to travel back to the future—and you won’t need a DeLorean or plutonium for the trip. Data is our fuel and the creative landscape of 2022 is our destination. That’s right, Creative Trends for the year ahead have arrived!

Every year, we analyze what Shutterstock users around the world are searching for. By tallying up the content in their crosshairs, we have the power to reveal what trends are propelling creative projects worldwide. Plus, new Shutterstock.AI performance data can pull back the curtain on what content is working (i.e. driving click-through-rates) and what’s not (i.e. driving in circles).


This year, we’ve seen incredible interest in 2 unique themes:

time and space.

Choose which one you’d like to traverse through below, plus discover curated collections for each trend and templates to get you started fast.

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