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Meet the Artists

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    Anusorn Nakdee

    Dive into a world of 3D-generated visuals designed by Thailand’s Anusorn Nakdee, featuring free-flowing patterns, rich environments, and a flair for food and beverage imagery.

  • Indonesia

    Kurit Afshen

    Celebrating the bold colors and bright patterns of the natural world, Indonesian macro photographer Kurit Afshen gets you up close with the wild side of life.

  • Ukraine


    Ukraine-based photographers puhhha bring inclusivity to the forefront with beauty and fashion portraiture featuring fresh, diverse faces.

  • Cyprus

    Kev Klopper

    Kev Klopper is a Cyprus-based video production studio dedicated to fresh, original lifestyle footage that showcases authentic interactions in real-world settings.

  • United Kingdom

    Helena Perez Garcia

    OFFSET illustrator Helena Perez Garcia offers high-concept illustrations with a mysterious sensibility, depicting a distinct sense of the surreal.

  • United Kingdom


    UK-based FenlioQ produces stunning cityscapes and outdoor photography/videography from across Asia and around the world.

  • Russia

    Angelina Bambina

    Russian designer Angelina Bambina brings her unique style to vector illustrations. Look for intricate patterns, diverse subjects, and wide-ranging creative inspiration

  • Sweden


    Swedish photography agency Maskot brings a highly Scandinavian sensibility to their portraits, offering curated lifestyle photography from across the region.



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